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Mt. Esja Ultra®

The 7th edition of Mt. Esja Ultra® will be held on the 9th of June 2018

Since 2012 Mt. Esja Ultra has become one of Iceland’s most popular mountain trail race. The Esja mountain range is just 25 minutes from Reykjavik by car and is a favorite training spot among Icelandic trail and mountain runners living in the capital area.

Mt. Esja Ultra® is considered the toughest single stage race in Iceland. The race takes place on the most popular hiking path at Mt. Esja and racers have to run a 7 km loop eleven times. Total elevation gain for the race is 6600m. The course is very runnable but with some technical down-hill sections. You will be cheered by spectators every time you enter into the aid station at the bottom of the mountain where you will receive food and drink before you head up again.

What does it take?

Anyone that has reached 20 years of age can participate. You have to be very physically fit and it is highly recommended that you have some long distance trail running experience.

The race is considered the most difficult race in Iceland, both physically and mentally. With the right preparation anything is possible. Lot of your training volume should include long uphills and downhills as this is a mountain race with extended elevation gain. We also recommend that you practice good hiking technique for the steepest sections. Poles are allowed on the course.

The course record for the eleven loops of 10:40:56 hrs. was set in 2014 by Fridleifur Fridleifsson, Iceland´s most competitive trail runner.

Please read the rules carefully and bring all the mandatory race gear. In case of bad weather or conditions the race director may demand racers to carry all items in the race.


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